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A Gift Guide for Depression: 10 Self-Care Items for Your Holiday Gift List


November 24, 2023

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by Sam Camp


Medically Reviewed by:

Danielle Wade, LCSW


by Sam Camp


Medically Reviewed by:

Danielle Wade, LCSW


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While these items won’t cure your depression, they’re still worth buying. Here’s a guide to some mental-health-friendly gifts to consider this holiday season.

As an individual who lives with depression, the holiday season can be a battle on its own. Among preparing for holiday gatherings, I also have to be mindful that my depression increases in the winter months due to seasonal affective disorder (SAD).

On my long to-do list of things I have to get done before the holidays, adding “find the perfect gift” leaves me feeling exhausted, especially while trying to take care of my mental health.

Here are 10 gift ideas (for either your wish list or shopping list!) inspired by self-care during this challenging season.

Pricing guide

  • $ = under $25
  • $$ = $25-75
  • $$$ = over $75
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10 gift ideas this holiday season

1. For warmer winter walks: Avetank Rechargeable Hand Warmers

  • Price: $

I came across these Avetank Rechargeable Hand Warmers in an attempt to be more comfortable while taking walks.

Taking walks has been crucial in battling my depression symptoms. Once the winter months roll around, it becomes harder to want to get out and walk due to the cold temperature.

Putting these hand warmers in my pockets makes walking much more bearable and enjoyable during the winter.

2. For cozy nights in: L’Agraty Weighted Blanket

  • Price: $

Ever consider giving a nice blanket to someone for the holidays? How about a L’Agraty Weighted Blanket!?

I’ve found a weighted blanket to provide me with calmness and safety, which helps ease my depression and anxiety symptoms!

3. For staying hydrated: Le’raze Glass Cups and Straws

  • Price: $

These Le’raze Glass Cups and Straws are on my gift list this year!

Due to my depression, I experience brain fog and often become forgetful about hydrating. I like getting new fun drink glasses because they push me to drink more fluids.

I also love straws, and these are reusable!

4. For capturing life’s moments: Fujifilm QuickSnap Flash 400 Disposable Camera

  • Price: $

This Fujifilm QuickSnap Flash 400 Disposable Camera is also on my wish list for the holidays! Film cameras have been a big trend in 2023.

I love taking photos and waiting a little to see them, unlike when you take a picture on your phone and can see it instantly.

A film camera will help me be more present in the moment, and waiting to get the images developed will give me something to be excited about!

5. For some calming aromas: Folkulture Incense Sticks

  • Price: $

I’ve found that scents have always played a role in my mood!

Lately, I’ve been using incense in my home instead of candles, and I’ve loved the alternative. You can buy Folkulture Incense Sticks, which attracts me because I frequently change my incense and enjoy the different aromas.

6. For a mindful activity: Stress Relief Coloring Book

  • Price: $

Coloring books don’t always have to be for kids! Some great coloring books are geared toward adults, even though I wouldn’t mind using the ones designed for kids, haha!

I’ve found coloring books to be a great stress reliever, and they help when I need a good distraction! I’ve really enjoyed this Stress Relief Coloring Book and recommend it!

7. For positive thoughts: Brytefy Affirmation Cards

  • Price: $

These Brytefy Affirmation Cards could be an excellent stocking stuffer! Reading positive affirmations helps me stay positive when I struggle with negative thoughts.

I can put these cards on my desk or kitchen counter for a constant reminder.

8. For being active at home: Amazon Basics Thick Yoga Mat

  • Price: $

Movement has been so helpful in boosting my mood on hard days. But sometimes, I can’t get to the gym or just want to work out in the comfort of my own home.

A lovely Amazon Basics Thick Yoga Mat can be an easy and affordable way to make at-home workouts possible!

9. For a new hobby: AHopeGarden Indoor Garden

  • Price: $$

I’ve been wanting an indoor smart garden for a long time. The AHopeGarden Indoor Garden is one that I feel comes with lots of pros!

One pro is that learning to garden could be a great hobby. Living with depression, finding new hobbies is something that I’m always looking to do. It’s also a responsibility to look after plants, and responsibilities always help me get out of bed on hard days.

10. For making something yummy: Ninja NC501 CREAMi Deluxe Ice Cream Lover

  • Price: $$$

The Ninja NC501 CREAMi Deluxe Ice Cream Lover is a gift I would highly recommend, and I have it myself. The Ninja Creami can make ice cream, sorbets, milkshakes, and more!

It’s a fun activity to find recipes to make on your own or with others. It’s also great because you can choose your ingredients, which I love, as I can be super picky!

Medically reviewed on November 24, 2023

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