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Managing depression is a journey — but one that you don’t have to walk alone. Bezzy is a community of individuals living with depression and using connection as a way to manage. Find your voice on Bezzy Depression.

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Ad revenue keeps our community free for you

So happy to find a community that knows what I am experiencing. It’s been so hard for me to explain to my family and I don’t think even then they believe my symptoms are so bad or even understand.

- a Bezzy user

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Your community guide, SamYour community guide, Sam

Your community guide, Sam

Sam has lived with depression for 8 years and has shared her journey with the community on social media since college. "If it helped one person feel like they weren’t alone, then that was enough." Join Sam for nightly live chats on Bezzy.

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Unlimited possible connectionsUnlimited possible connections

Unlimited possible connections

Experience a new platform for community healing. With 1:1 messaging and thousands of members living with depression, know that you’re never alone.

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Inspiring articlesInspiring articles

Inspiring articles

Read articles written by and for Bezzy community members dealing with depression. Find expert-approved advice from people who have real experience with clinical depression.

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